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The Lasting Supper is here to provide a non-confrontational community for people who want to be spiritually independent and free. We all eat at the same table but we like different things. So we value transparency and honesty. With a bit of hot sauce. But above all, we share a deep respect for the opinions and beliefs of everyone at the table. It just might be the best spiritual experience you have ever had.

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Here’s what our members are saying:

I love that this is a place where it’s ok to say “some days I hate being a parent” in the same room where others say “I’d give anything to be a parent.” Where one can say “we made it to 20 years” while another is saying “my marriage is gone.” Where one can say “I found god again” to someone who says “I feel more free and at home in atheism than I ever did in Christianity. It’s a gift. It’s special. And it’s a place of love. What is love? It’s this. It’s caring despite differences. It’s choosing to see what we have in common instead of what divides us.
Emily R.

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