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I find that the exodus from Christianity has been in large part about living within the tension of wanting to find a new spiritual “home” and exposing myself to and considering all the different perspectives that are out there. Put another way, I would like to centralize myself in some certain philosophy yet I have the seemingly unsatiable hunger to search for better understandings of our existence and the best way to experience it. I feel that limiting oneself to a certain box is potentially dangerous as Christianity showed me very well and yet, it’s nice to have those localized, home concepts to return to for a basic understanding or approach to life. For some, Christianity is still that home philosophy even if they may not much identify with the label or particular literal interpretations of it. I don’t personally feel I can do that and to be honest I don’t really have the urge to. The question for me is always “what bests explains the existence and purpose of all things” knowing that there is potentially always a better explanation than anything you can fathom and so it’s a search that goes on ad infinitum. I know that the “best” answer will always be something subject to fallible human interpretation just like any concept of “absolute truth” and yet I can’t help but sail towards that goal with some sense of hope.

It’s all very weird, sometimes frustrating but yet fun and intriguing to think about.