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The Lasting Supper is here to provide a non-confrontational community for people who want to be spiritually independent and free. We all eat at the same table but we like different things. So we value transparency and honesty. With a bit of hot sauce. But above all, we share a deep respect for the opinions and beliefs of everyone at the table. It just might be the best spiritual experience you have ever had.


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If you want to know what it’s like to be around the biggest hearted people on the planet… discuss issues of life and death with wicked smart people, if you seek a place to vent without judgement… a safe place to heal up and ask tough questions, if you seek a place to share your deepest sorrows or greatest joys, if you need a friend or a few hundred of them, heck if you need a little LOVE then you should join TLS, because love is here in abundance. And how many places can you say that about? When I joined TLS I was just looking for a few people to have some interesting discussions with. I got that, but I also got accepted into an incredible family. I love them like crazy, and the cool thing is I know without a doubt they love me like crazy too.
Anthony G.

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