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The safest place to deconstruct.

Your spiritual journey is better shared.

“This is an example of a real community” – Chris

About the Community

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The Lasting Supper is a community of over 400 brave thinkers who affirm, validate, and support one another on the journey towards spiritual freedom. Whether you’re churched, unchurched, or not allowed in a church, everyone is welcome here.


Participate in meaningful conversations without fear of judgment.


Experience a space that’s thoughtfully crafted for your spiritual journey.


Finding and learning to give support make your journey more worthwhile.

Spiritual independence starts here.

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  • Honest advice and real information to guide you towards spiritual independence.
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TLS challenges you to become more authentic, more free, and more YOU.

"I Love TLS!"

“TLS offers me inclusion, community, family, and friends when I’ve been excluded by the church, my biological family, and church friends due to a change in my beliefs. I love TLS! I’ve learned a lot from the members, and they’ve challenged me.”

– Arlene P.

"We are comfortable with questions, advocates of journeys, and encouragers of each other"

“If you wish to be a leader, or elder, or pastor among us – do not come. We are a community of voices. If you wish to provide argumentation of doctrine, evangelization of religion, and refutation of atheism – do not come. We share our own personal experiences in similar situations; we share the philosophy that helped us – whether atheism, belief, or agnosticism. We are comfortable with questions, advocates of journeys, and encouragers of each other. By the way, this is the Emerging Church. Think about it.”

– Caryn L.

"TLS is amazing."

“TLS is amazing. To be able to be, whoever you are in the moment, is truly special. From church, to faith, to personal issues – this is an example of a real community, without judgment or expectation.”

– Chris M.


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