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The Lasting Supper is here to provide a non-confrontational community for people to deconstruct their beliefs. It’s for people who want to be spiritually independent and free. We all come from different experiences but we are all sharing a common one that most people do alone. So we value transparency and honesty. But above all, we share a deep respect for the opinions and beliefs of every member. It just might be the best spiritual experience you have ever had!


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If you wish to be a leader, or elder, or pastor among us – do not come. We are a community of voices. If you wish to provide argumentation of doctrine, evangelization of religion, and refutation of atheism – do not come. We share our own personal experiences in similar situations; we share the philosophy that helped us – whether atheism, belief, or agnosticism. We are comfortable with questions, advocates of journeys, and encouragers of each other. By the way, this is the Emerging Church. Think about it.
Caryn L.


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