Are your beliefs changing? Is your church problematic now? Is your spiritual journey lonely? Do you need a safe place to vent? Join a community of people with these very same questions and get support!

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Here’s what our members are saying:

For me, The Lasting Supper is an oasis of friendship and support, a place where the individual is encouraged to embrace their individuality. Much like the misfit toys from the classic TV show, we have our own quirks, personalities, beliefs and whatnot. We can be Christian, pagan, atheist, whatever we choose for ourselves. No faith is decried as wrong or right. Each person is encouraged in their personal journey through life, living with faith, losing their religion, joining a new religious tradition, connecting with their own faith heritage. Each person is unique, and expected to walk their journey without the undue expectation that someone else tells them what is right or wrong. That doesn’t mean they walk alone, even as they forge a new path. We can be vulnerable and authentic in our support and our friendship. In our rawness and messiness, we are true to our word, sometimes vulgar, but always beautiful. We strive for diversity in community, one where we can be truly ourselves, without facing reproach. We don’t always agree but we can disagree agreeably. We love deeply and sometimes hilarity ensues.  
Doug M


Immediate access to our very private Facebook Group.

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