What is The Lasting Supper?

The Lasting Supper is here to provide a safe community where you can be authentic.

The Lasting Supper provides a space where you can question, change, or even lose your beliefs.

The Lasting Supper is for people who want to be spiritually independent and free.

The Lasting Supper values transparency and honesty.

The Lasting Supper has a deep respect for the opinions and beliefs of every member.

The Lasting Supper is also about providing resources, but our greatest asset is our community!

The Lasting Supper just might be the best community experience you’ve ever had!

What Do You Get?

  • Instant access as soon as you join.
  • A personal weekly letter from David.
  • Admission to our very private Facebook group where we interact with one another.
  • Live Q&A Facebook sessions with David in our private Facebook group.
  • At least once a month we have video hangouts where we talk about whatever comes up.
  • Honest, authentic, and real information to help you with your personal growth.
  • Greater access to David who spends more time with our members than anyone else.
  • You are free to engage at any level you want… from lurker to leader or anything in between
  • You don’t have to commit for life! You can cancel any time you want.

What Does it Cost You?

The Lasting Supper only costs $15/month (cheaper if you choose annual)! That’s only .50¢/day!

You can pay with Paypal or Credit Card.

BUT… if, in the first 30 days, you decide it’s not for you, you can leave the community and get your money back! Promise!

Also, you can leave at any time. Just let me know and we’ll cancel your membership and payment plan.

Just ask our members… is it worth it? They’ll ALL say, “You kidding me? Of course!”

Still Curious?

Maybe you want to know more from David Hayward, the founder and facilitator of The Lasting Supper.

Email David if you have any questions.

We invite you to try it out.

Click here to JOIN US TODAY!

***Plus it’s risk-free because we’re offering a 30-day money-back guarantee! We’re confident you’re going to love it! But if it’s not for you, just let us know and you get all your money back.

Our Manifesto for Spiritual Independence:

1. I am free. I always have been. I always will be.

2. I have the right to ask questions as a way to become wise.

3. It is my right and responsibility to find and walk my own spiritual path.

4. It is my duty to myself and others to remove the log from my own eye first.

5. I take care of myself before I care about labels or what others call me.

6. It is necessary for me to be true to myself before being true to a group.

7. I recognize my roots but I will not allow them to prevent me from changing.

8. I embrace my unique spirituality and will let my light shine for others.

9. I take charge of my life and will live it wisely, compassionately and joyfully.

10. I am spiritually independent!


Here’s what our members are saying:

As a gay man who has battled with religion and identity all his life, TLS is a very safe place, where I can totally be myself without fear of judgment. Its great to be part of something where we can support each other as well as vent all the crap!
Jim M.


Immediate access to our very private Facebook Group.

Weekly letters provide food for thought on everything from spirituality to sexuality.

Sink your teeth into our range of great informative video resources.

Personal sharing opportunities via podcasts, conversations,hangouts, and Facebook Live events, etc.