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12047158_2826791235846_8375063602937838539_nA couple of years ago I interviewed Robin Kirk for our Meet a Member podcast. In it she talks a lot about the onset of her deconstruction, including her debilitating fear of Hell.

I thought it would be helpful to go back and interview her again two years later to see how she’s progressed. What’s changed? Has the fear gone? Why? What have you done? What’s different? What’s new?

I love talking with Robin because she just exudes a kind of energy and even joy. I’m not sure she’s aware of that, but it’s true!

Thanks again Robin for doing this for us. We get so much encouragement from listening to other peoples’ stories.

If you want me to interview you for a Meet a Member podcast, just let me know. As you can hear, it’s very easy.

Listen to my second interview with Robin by clicking HERE.