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ruth & davidI worked for John Paul Jackson of Streams Ministries International. When we moved to New Hampshire in 2002 to do this, we meet Anne Clay… her real name is Ruth. We became good friends and still are to this day. She’s also a member of TLS.

The other day I mentioned how emotional I got telling my story to my mom and dad. This is what I said:

“So mom and dad asked me a couple questions about my time with Streams Ministries and working for John Paul Jackson. This all happened in 2002. I was telling them more of the story and I got really emotional. When they exclaimed, “HOW DID YOU GUYS SURVIVE THAT???” it made me even more emotional. I’m like, yes, how did we survive that? It was unbelievable. Right Anne Clay? How did we survive? Or did we? Maybe a part of us died there on that hill.”

So we did a podcast today. She shares some of her stories too. I hope you enjoy it and maybe get a little more insight into what makes us tick.

We may follow it up, if you like, with a video conference.