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A couple of weeks ago I interviewed one of our members Giordana Toccaceli. In that interview she said, in passing, that she healed herself of fibromyalgia. Some of you wanted more information on that. Since she is a health and wellness coach, this is what she does. You can check out her website, Body System Balance. I think it was very gracious of her to give us 30 minutes of her time to offer great health advice. It’s her holistic approach that I think is so important to hear.

At one point in the interview she says that, just like TLS is teaching us that we need to take back our spirituality, we also need to take back our health. YES! The kind of religion I grew up in was anti-body. It segregated me into parts. But now I know that what we need is to take back our health, take back our spirituality, take back our intellect, take back our SELVES! This is what TLS is about! Becoming more fully human.

The sound quality isn’t the best, but it’s worth listening to.