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Well I had a wonderful chat with a charming member of TLS, Kellie White McGarry. Her and her husband Charles, also a member of TLS, have a very interesting story that I want to hear more of. Charles??? Her website is Nourished and New where she focuses on body image and the psychology behind eating.

One of the things Kellie wanted to say and wanted me to pass on to you was this:

“I used to struggle with sooo much anger and bitterness… and I am glad that I did because it was good to feel that way after how the elders treated us. But one day, I made up my mind that I had enough because it was really effecting my life, and it just so happened that I was doing Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditation challenge… the theme for that day’s meditation was a visualization on forgiveness. She had us close our eyes and think of someone who had hurt us. Then we had to lay on a cloud and pretend we were floating and then up on another cloud, that person comes floating next to you… then you imagine very gently pushing them off (which is like you are releasing them). It sounds so silly, but it worked for me!”