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I’ve launched The Lasting Supper Podcast! Basically, the content is me interviewing you guys, as well as others who are interested in the same things we are: spiritual freedom and independence. If you would like to share your story and be interviewed by me, let me know. I’m going to try to keep them under 30 minutes in length.

Many of you have agreed to make your interviews publicly available. But many of the podcasts will be private for members of TLS only because of the sensitive information that some of you share, and for the sake of anonymity which we protect. The private ones will not be available to the public.

We only have one episode up so far, this one with @ren, but stay tuned for many more. At least one a week!

IMPORTANT: You can get The Lasting Supper Podcast on iTunes as well as on Stitcher!

I’m very excited about what lies ahead. Enjoy!