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I just have to share with you a bizarre story.

Winter’s coming. About this time of year I take my snowblower in for service just to make sure it’s operating properly, the belts are okay, and that it’s ready for a hard winter.

I took it in yesterday morning.

The NIGHT BEFORE though, I had a dream:

In the dream the repair man calls me and says, “Mr. Hayward. Your snowblower is done. It’s going to cost too much to repair. Probably around $1500. It needs new fuel hoses, starter, belts, and a muffler kit. You could get a new machine for that!”

The morning after I took the snowblower in. A few hours later the repair man calls me and says, “Mr. Hayward. Your snowblower’s done. I’m already up to $600 repairs. It needs new fuel hoses, a new starter, belts, and a new muffler kit. And lots more. I wouldn’t recommend repairing it because you could put all that money into it and something else go like the shaft!”

Weird. This has happened to me a lot. Dreams are important to me. They have often guided me through important decisions and transitions. Why this dream though? I’ve had dreams like this, and I think they simply soften the blow. In fact, if I hadn’t had the dream and got that repair man call, I would have been very upset. Instead, I laughed out loud. I already “knew”. It wasn’t a shock.

Pay attention to your dreams! They are important and often very, very helpful.

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