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didnt-give-upHi guys!

Later today we’re having a video hangout… 5pm EST (USA). I hope you can show up! They’re always fun and helps us feel more connected. CLICK HERE for the link.

I did a cartoon yesterday that captured something that’s been brewing within me for a while now. I love the original painting by itself, but I photoshopped the words on it. They say:

“Some people think I am where I am because I gave up when in fact it’s because I didn’t!”

When we continue on our path, we eventually come to a place of peace of mind, as well as an inner confidence that we are okay.

In spite of the perplexity of others and sometimes even the criticism, this no longer touches us in the same way. Our inner strength makes us more immune to such judgments.

I’ve come to that place. I see many of you have as well.

So today I wanted to give you a gift. I’m giving you a high-quality download of the cartoon. You can use it as a background on your computer or mobile, or you can print it out in any size and hang it in your home or place of work. Whatever you want. Just don’t share the link! Download it HERE. (By the way, to get the download you have to be signed in to our main site,

Love to you guys. Hope to see you later today.