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il_570xN.864055135_nezbGood morning my friends.

Today, I’m thinking about our losses and gains. I’m thinking about moving out and moving on. I’m thinking about how we evolve even though we are aware of the risks involved.

So I’m giving you a high-resolution download of my newest painting, “I May Be Back”. You can download it HERE or by clicking on the image. A few people are already using it as a screen-saver on their computers and mobiles. You’re welcome to as well. Or print it out and hang it up in your home or office. Or, you can buy the original HERE. It’s getting lots of attention because of the mood it evokes: the courage it takes to move on.

When we decide to move on, we experience loss: the loss of friendship, comfort, security, predictability, and sometimes even a sense of our selves.

But when we do this, we often experience these losses with tears, ridicule, rejection, and sometimes intense struggle and sorrow.

Joyce Rupp, a spiritual poet, has written a hugely popular book, Praying Our Goodbyes: A Spiritual Companion Through Life’s Losses and Sorrows. Lisa and I have it and have used it. I recommend it to you as a helpful companion as we travel through the inevitable losses we experience as we endeavor to achieve a healthy spiritual independence.

Have I told you guys that I admire every one of you for your courage, determination, and tenacity, as you have chosen to live your own life your own way?

You are pioneers! You’ve headed out. You’re looking for something. Something more! Something better.

I’m convinced that if you press on, you will find it.

Peace of mind is not a pie-in-the-sky fantasy. It’s entirely possible to find it in this life. I’m no one special, and I have.

Peace on your path, my friends!