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Hi guys!


Fear is one of the biggest blocks to getting back out there. I know this personally. As many of you already know, I get attacked quite a bit online. I’m not talking about disagreements or someone just saying they don’t like my stuff. I’m talking about me being attacked by people who claim I am a terrible person, then make it their business to convince other people that they’re right.

This has happened to me many times in my life, and it is always related to me serving people in the church or at least serving people in a spiritual context such as TLS. I know from personal experience when you are maligned and shamed publicly how difficult it is to stay in the game or get back in the game.

Fear: we are afraid of getting attacked again.

The thing is, I’ve learned it is inevitable. I’ve heard all the explanations:

If people hate you you must be doing something right.
Blessed are you when people speak evil of you.
I send you out as sheep among wolves.
Stir up shit and you’re going to get shit on.

I’ve heard it all. But the thing is, I know some people who get criticized, and I think rightly so. So there’s no guarantee that just because I’m being attacked I’m doing the right thing.

Which is why I surround myself with MANY advisors, mentors, and people who I’m accountable to. This starts with my wife Lisa and works itself out to many people who speak into my life, whether they are invited to or not.

I’m getting back in the game. My best of friends know that I’ve been rather careful for the past couple of years. They’re right. I’m playing it safe. I’ve been hiding in the desert for a couple years. I’ve been doing my work from the safety of my studio… drawing cartoons, writing posts, painting pictures, writing books, facilitating TLS. But it’s been safe. And I know this has taken a level of courage. But I’m sensing the urgency to ramp up my work in a way that will draw more fire.

I’m going to start promoting my one-on-one spiritual life coaching, group coaching, and online courses. I expect the same old accusations: that I’m in it for fame; that I aspire to be a guru; that I’m sinful and greedy for charging people money for my services; that I don’t know what I’m talking about and am unqualified; that I’m… well… lots of reasons.

Life’s too important for me to continue playing it safe. There are too many people who could use my help to stay in hiding.

Isn’t courage fear getting back in the saddle? So, I’m going to have to live with it while stepping out. I’m going to have to accept the fact that if I put myself out there, attacks are inevitable, but that’s okay. That’s life!

I think most TLSers know what I’m talking about. Many of you have suffered attacks as well, and it’s scary to expose yourself to danger again.

But you don’t have to right away. Take your time. Heal. Regain your strength. Reignite your courage. And when you’re ready, you’ll know it. You’ll feel nervous, but an inner urgency will require you to be your authentic self in the world, no matter what the cost.

I’d love to hear some of your stories as they relate to what I wrote here.

Peace on your path!