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Yesterday I offered to answer questions from my followers on Instagram. They could type their question and I can video my answer.

It lasts a day. I didn’t expect to be so busy! There were lots of questions.

But I noticed a common theme: fear of rejection.

I think everyone was deconstructing in some way and trying to come out… spiritually, sexually, gender, etcetera.

But the common concern was how they were going to do it in what appears to be a largely hostile environment.

It isn’t just the lack of support. It’s the intensity of opposition.

Basically, the response to their desire to be authentically themselves is:

1. I will try to stop you!
2. You’re on your own!

Many asked for advice.

Here’s what I told them:

1. Fulfill your desire to be true to yourself.
2. Find support, locally and at least online.
3. Be safe! In other words, don’t unnecessarily put yourself at risk.
4. Take your own sweet time. This isn’t a race or competition.

Like I’ve always said… if we were surrounded by love and support from family and friends, our growth would be so much easier. If they were constantly, “YOU BE YOU! WE’RE WITH YOU ALL THE WAY!” then we’d have less fear moving forward in our personal growth.

But, because this is rarely the case, we progress with fear and trepidation.

Which makes me conclude that we have to accept opposition as a part of our growth and even a necessary component. Meeting resistance, ridicule, and even rejection is a part of the growth package.

Our best growth is not so much in spite of opposition, but because of it.