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Be Confident!

Last night we met some friends in a pub.

During the conversation I shared how my daughter Casile has been encouraging me to get out my guitar and start writing songs and singing again. “Dad! You’re so good. Do it!”

I said I’ve been wondering if I should take some of my old worship songs and convert them to secular ones. One of our friends said, “Well, they really are songs that stand alone. I think you should leave them as they are. You probably have plenty more songs inside you.”

I said, “Oh ya, I do!”

She looked shocked. Oh you do!

I even kind of surprised myself how confidently I said it. But I meant it. In fact, I repeated myself: “Ya! I really do have more music inside me. No doubt.”

They’re still in the church. I’m not. You’re not really supposed to talk like that. You’re supposed to be humble and give all glory to God and the inspiration of the Spirit. You know.

I’ve been on a huge learning and growing curve, and I love it.

I really do have confidence in myself and try not to set limits on what I can do.

When I coach people, I do the same for them. Do not mentally limit yourself! Own your skills. Embrace your gifts. You can do it!

And so I’m telling that to you now. Be confident. Love who you are and what you can do. Share it with the world. Don’t hold back. We need you.