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Empowering others is important to me.

What I mean by this is not that I give them power, but that I help them recognize, tap into, and exercise theirs.

Even yesterday I was speaking with someone. They said they were embarrassed by their super conservative evangelical past and didn’t know how to get over it. I suggested that they don’t try to reject it and forget about it, but own it and integrate it as a part of their story. More than that, I encouraged them to look through their past and take ownership of everything they did. Own that you decided to get saved. Own that you got filled with the Spirit. Own that you spoke in tongues. Own that… on and on. Embrace it. Own it. Integrate it. Those were choices you made from what you understood at the time to be good and valuable. They were all you. Now, like compost that is half shit and half earth, fold it all in together and you’ve got who you are now. And this process will continue.

They got tears in their eyes. It made sense to them and made all the difference in the world.

They felt empowered rather than victimized by their own past.

Then, this morning, I started a new book by Carrie Goldberg, Nobody’s Victim. Here’s how she starts the book:

“My name is Carrie Goldberg and I’m a victims’ rights lawyer. Some people call me a ‘passionate advocate’ or a ‘social justice warrior.’ I’d rather be called a ruthless motherfucker.”

I knew I already loved her and am going to love the book.

Why? Because she’s obviously figured out how to empower herself and others.

And this is what matters to me.

How about you?