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The Lasting Supper is a different kind of community. I’m not saying we’re special. Okay… maybe I am. But not in a boastful way. Just in a matter-of-fact way.

I’ve been a member of many online communities, and from my observation they just don’t do well. There is constant conflict, competition, and incompetence. To be blunt.

I was trying to explain to someone just the other day how TLS is different. I might as well just summarize myself from that conversation:

Look… TLS doesn’t promise to be any different except in one way: you can express your views and no one will correct you. But that goes both ways. Others can express their views and we won’t correct them. We just vent, and the rest just listen. Or they vent, and we just listen. That’s it!

Experience has proven to me that there’s great healing in that process. 

We are a mixture of believers, agnostics, atheists, and I-Don’t-Knows. And pretty much everyone is moving along a spectrum.

So, for example, when someone expresses an atheist viewpoint, believers just go, “Oh well, that’s not my opinion, so I’ll pass on this one.” Or if a believer expresses a believing viewpoint, atheists go, “Oh well, that’s not my opinion, so I’ll pass on this one.”

Because the point isn’t correctness or ideological compatibility, but just being heard without judgment or correction. That’s all it is. That’s all we offer!

TLS functions as a kind of catharsis. That’s it!

We’re not trying to solve anyone’s problems or fix people or rescue them. We are only listening. But this being heard is the healing being offered.

Like I said, in this and this alone is incredible healing power.

So we share our struggles because I’m sure we all would get great support from believers and atheists and agnostics… because all we care about is that we can share our struggle without being judged or corrected.

I know it’s hard to realize this and live by it… to trust that we can share our opinion without being corrected. But we’re pretty darn good at it. Because we believe it’s just being heard that matters… no matter what you believe.

I’ve come to conclude:


Much love guys,