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I just wanted to write you guys and wish you all a happy holidays.

This time of year is difficult for some of us. I respect that.

Know that you are loved by the rest of us in TLS.

TLS has been going for seven years since I launched in in 2012.

It has hovered around 200 members. Sometimes more. It fluctuates.  But it seems to find its best balance and health around the size we are now. We may let it grow bigger but I feel no pressure or ambition to do so.

I am very careful on how I promote it and tell other people about it. There are some who know that we have an excellent model that can accept growth and provide increased income.

But that’s not what TLS is about for me.

TLS is about community. It’s about being a pretty good space for us to be ourselves, to express ourselves, and to take care of ourselves well… without criticism, correction, or uncalled-for advice.

We are great listeners who respect the journeys of others. We entrust our journeys to ourselves. We recognize that each one of us is the captain of our own ships, the master of our own destinies… as we grow towards our own autonomy and spiritual independence.

I am constantly impressed with how well you treat each other.

This is what love feels like. This is what community looks like.

And I’m grateful to every one of you for making it work.

Peace, love, and joy to you all.