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There are misconceptions about deconstruction, which is the changing of our beliefs, the loss of our faith, and for many of us… leaving the church.

Some of the misconceptions are these:

We are correcting our mistaken spirituality.

We are jumping one track to hop on another one.

We are demolishing our present spirituality to substitute it with a new one.

We are starting all over again.

We are replacing something with nothing.

We are under pressure to reconstruct.

Even though these misconceptions may be partially true, I suggest they aren’t the healthiest perspective to take on our deconstruction.

I claim we may understand our deconstruction like this: 

We are growing in our spirituality from a less mature to a more mature one.

We are progressing along one path.

We are evolving in our way of being.

We are radically transforming our spirituality as it morphs into a new configuration.

We are decluttering for a wiser and more meaningful embodiment of being.

We are finally free from the pressure to be something.

Even though the deconstruction process for many is traumatic, it is also necessary. Significant and meaningful growth hurts as we discard the no longer necessary and acquire a new mode of being.

When I talk with and assist people through their deconstruction, I encourage them to resist slapping on a new label. Leave that meaningless effort to others!

I recommend that they appreciate the simplicity of a new, fresh, and lean incarnation of themselves.

This movement, though strange to us, is how healthy personal growth progresses.

Enjoy your new life!