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Good day my friends.

I want to tell you about a new creative venture I’m initiating.

For years now some people have been encouraging me to teach other creative types how to do what I do… how I seem to just constantly come up with new ideas, create prolifically, and continually put my stuff out there.

So… I doing it! And I’m very excited about it.

It’s unfolding pretty quickly now.

In fact, I’m I just opened a small group for creatives yesterday. There’s only room for 6 people, and we’re going to run it for 6 weeks starting at the end of October.

I wanted to let you guys know about it.

There’s another aspect of this venture that I will announce in about a week or so. I’ll let you know about that too.

Anyway… what has this got to do with TLS?

Well, my ability to be creative has always been there. But I’m feeling more and more free to express myself and my creativity in new and bolder ways. It’s quite thrilling to feel this free. And I love helping other creatives tap into their own passion and unleashing themselves to express who they are in manifold ways.

I think this is one of the most joyful aspects of de-believing, de-faithing, de-churching, de-constructing… and that is a ton of limitations are suddenly lifted. Even limiting beliefs about business and negative attitudes about money are shriveling away! It’s liberating and exhilarating!

If you want to join the group, go to THIS LINK and check it out. It would be very very cool to have a fellow TLSer in the group.

Thanks guys! You rock.