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This letter is short and sweet. My argument is simple:

Get help!

What I mean is: use whatever resources are available to you to invest in your own personal growth.

When I got last year’s taxes done, I saw in black and white (and red) exactly how much I invested in my businesses. I also saw exactly how much I spent on myself and my own personal growth.

I paid thousands of dollars for therapy, counseling, spiritual direction, and coaching. That’s beside all the help I got incidentally for free or from bartering.

I do this because I realized long ago that, just like the growth of my business is proportionate to how much I invest in it, so it is with me. The more I invest in my own personal growth, the more I personally grow!

Plus, I did this all while trying to undo the decades of negative and limiting beliefs I was fed and consumed surrounding money. In fact, that has been a large part of my personal growth.

It amazes me that people won’t think twice about repairing their car when it breaks down, but to pay for help in their personal lives is offensive to them. Unfortunately, many of them stay in a state of disrepair. I’ve seen marriages break up forever just because the guy’s pride refuses to pay for a marriage counselor. He’d rather lose the love of his life than admit he needs help and lay the money down.

Right now I’m in a coaching group and learning the ropes on starting my own coaching business. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it. It’s making me a better person and will help make me a better coach.

So, get help! And pay for it! You’ll be glad you did.