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When I was visiting my family earlier this month it dawned on me that my personal growth and spiritual growth are not two separate things, but exactly the same thing.

I grew up with my understanding of “God” being pretty much identical with my understanding of “father”. The way I understood one was completely filtered through the other.

So my attempts to become an adult… mature and independent… in relationship to my father is exactly the same as my attempts to become mature and independent spiritually in relationship to “God” or the universe or reality or to what is or whatever you call it.

My relationship with other family members in a way that respected their boundaries and mine, that protected me from manipulation and control, and that allowed me to be free and voluntarily submit myself when appropriate… are all personal and at the same time spiritual intentions.

There were a few times when I felt the pressure to surrender or retaliate in unhealthy ways. There were other times I needed to listen to my sisters, for example, and let them educate me what was really going on. It was certainly a learning experience… not just intellectually but personally. I was forced to change and grow.

Whether I give the processes that are happening within me spiritual names or psychological ones or new age ones or whatever… they are just words attempting to describe what’s happening.

Growth is growth. Call it personal. Call it spiritual. Call it emotional. Call it inner. It’s all the same to me.

Love you guys. You help make life more beautiful to me.