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A very interesting thing happened to me this week.

Someone on Facebook asked me which theologian I like to read.

I suddenly realized that I don’t read theology. Not anymore. I used to. I used to be obsessed with it. I devoured it. I had thousands of theology books and read most if not all of them.

I was a voracious devourer of theology because I was starving for the peace of mind it promised.

Then, in 2009, when I had a dream about a waterfall, I woke up with complete and lasting peace of mind. It’s never gone away.

My search was over. Those books no longer have an appeal. I don’t need them anymore. I dare say that theology served me. But it doesn’t have to anymore.

It was always curious to me why people I really respect, spiritually, philosophically, read fiction. Krishnamurti, for example, loved reading murder mysteries. Shouldn’t such a wise man be reading non-fiction in his field?

But now I understand why. He didn’t feel the need to. The reason to read them was gone!

I’m not saying I’m wise. I’m not claiming to be intelligent. But I do assert that I have peace of mind… theologically, spiritually, religiously, however you want to say it. So that thirst no longer needs quenching.

Back when this development started in my life, I needed scriptural permission to let it happen. I realized, hey, Jesus didn’t read theological books. Heck! He didn’t even own a bible. The New Testament didn’t even exist yet. And he turned out okay!

So, I just want to encourage you guys. Are you no longer feeling the need or desire to read the bible? Popular devotional books? Theology? Etcetera?

Maybe it’s not because you’re sick or lazy or rebellious. Maybe it’s because you no longer need what it claims to provide.

Perhaps you’ve come to a place where you can help yourself!

With love for you all,