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Hi guys.

Boy, I tell ya, I get a real mishmash of messages from people.

I went through a period last week where I was being attacked online again.

It hurts me because I have a sign over my desk that says, “Just help people!”

I only want to help people.

But it seems that some people don’t like the way I do it.

Then, in the wee hours of the morning yesterday, I get this email from a young woman, Allison, 18 years old. She was overwhelmed with confusion as she began her religious studies in college. Then…

I was terrified. My anxiety levels reached an all-time high. I used to be able to reconcile my logic with my text. I was used to having the answers for everything. Now, there were only questions. 

I remember one day I was on a work trip with my parents and I ran down the hall to their hotel and started bawling. “Why can’t I just be like all these other people living these certain lives? Why can’t I just see the world simply? Why me? Why me? Why me?” My dad answered with a simple, “Because you asked to see beyond that. You asked for the truth.” Peace fell over me.

It was around then that I found your content on Instagram. It was crazy to me; I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t a heretic. I didn’t feel I was deviating–I felt like I was actually heading, somehow, in a good direction. I found comfort in your cartoons. It was like you were articulating visions I had in my head and put them to paper. 

I started your book last night Questions are the Answer and finished it this morning over coffee. Although you write about the story of your life, in a weird way, it feels like this book was written for me. The content of your experiences is so powerful. I don’t feel like I’m crazy anymore. Sometimes I feel like I have to carry on this mantel of pastor’s daughter. People see me as someone who has it figured out. Instead of pretending I do, I hope I can own not having it figured out. In fact, I want to be proud of that curious space.”

When I read that, all the negativity I’d been subjected to melted away.

I actually HELPED someone! I succeeded! Mission accomplished!

All that to say this: you guys are truly amazing. I’m so proud to know all of you and to be a part of such a vibrant, rich, and deep community. The wisdom in TLS is astounding, and I always tell other people about it. When you help just one person find their freedom, isn’t it worth it all? Doesn’t it make all the judgments, criticisms, and condemnations worth it?

I think it does.

Freedom is contagious.

To set one person free drowns out all the naysayers and haters.

I hope you remember that. I will.