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What a week!

NakedPastor continues to become more and more famous… or infamous.

My Instagram account is close to 45,000 followers.

On the one hand this is wonderful because I’m helping more and more people get in touch with their courage to conform no longer to the status quo and experience their freedom.

On the other hand trolls. Hundreds of them. Crawling out from under their slimy rocks to spread their ignorant hatred on everyone.

A couple of weeks ago I announced on Instagram that I was going to delete hate, and it seems that’s a full time job. It’s never ending… from well-meaning “I love you in the Lord and beg you to turn from your wicked ways!” to “When I find you I’m cutting your head off with a knife”.

It’s exhausting.

There are times I just want to sell everything, find a cabin on a lake, cancel all my online accounts, and just write and paint and draw.

But then I remember I mostly enjoy what I do. And I seriously do love helping other people. So I guess I’ll stay.

I just naively wish there wasn’t so much hate in the world.

Do you know what I mean?