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I met with an old minister friend yesterday. I mean… we ministered in the same area 25 years ago. Lisa and I visited his church on Sunday and he wanted to meet up for coffee, so we did on Monday.

It was an interesting meeting because internally I was feeling no stress about it. Now, maybe even as soon as a year ago, I might have felt stressed because I wouldn’t know how to articulate my position, and I would be afraid of kickback. Now, I felt neither of those.

I think as we grow further away from dogmatism and fundamentalism, we eventually come to a place where we’re comfortable in our own skin.

We come to a place where we no longer feel like a persecuted minority up against a majority.

We no longer feel that we must always explain ourselves.

We are no longer afraid of saying something that offends.

We don’t worry about having to get approval to stay on the inside.

All these concerns pass as we discover life beyond the walls. We don’t need what’s being offered anymore. We are no longer insecure and needy. In fact, we are confident and willing to help others in their own journeys.

It was good to just tell him where I was at and what I do. Even though an eyebrow was raised once in a while, I felt no need to apologize. I felt no need to justify, excuse, or explain.

I’m just me, take it or leave it. I’m happy either way.

You’re just you, take it or leave it. Be happy either way!

Your friend,