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I’m at my parents’.

Dad just returned from the hospital and I’m here to help him transition into his home.

I’m already exhausted. Sleep-deprivation is a thing.

We’ve installed a commode chair over the toilet.

Rather than switching back and forth and causing more confusion, I use it.

Dad is much more tender now. The dad I knew is not there. He’s often very confused. Mom is overwhelmed. Well, we all are.

I can’t leave until I feel things are safe and secure without me. I miss my wife and my life. But this is what is right now.

I can’t see how mom will manage when I go.

The overwhelming lesson I’m getting from all this?

Love! Love your people. Love your lovers. Say it! Do it! Why wait until it’s too late? Love on everyone now. Receive love from anyone who gives it to you. Bathe in it. Breathe it. Be it!

I love you guys… I really do… and am doing my best to check in on our Facebook group.