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An important announcement first: the forums are reopened! Thanks to your extra donations I was able to hire the help needed to get the forums back up and running again. Your generous donations are devoted to making TLS the best experience possible for our members! So… thanks!

(* Read about what the forums are for below!)

As I took my walk this morning, I thought of three humble admissions we can make with confidence:

1. I don’t know. It’s healthy to admit we don’t know. We don’t have all the answers. That we are swimming in a sea of mystery. In fact, I suggest this is really the most honest way to live. This presupposes a curious mind open to wonder rather than a closed mind open to nothing. Embrace it with confidence!

2. I don’t feel perfect. It’s okay to feel a little off. Even though you may feel you’re progressing intellectually, philosophically, spiritually, personally… whatever… it’s normal also to not feel perfect. It can be anything from a mild anxiety to full on depression. This doesn’t negate our evolution or our progress. Sometimes it’s just about being human. Embrace it with confidence!

3. I’m okay though. Even though we may experience confusion and even though we may experience feeling off, we can still be assured that at the root we are okay. We can love what is… even though we may not understand it or it doesn’t feel right. Yet! You are okay. Embrace it with confidence!

That’s it!

* Don’t forget the forums! I’m glad they’re back. So here’s how they work:

1. They are different than Facebook. The forums are essentially for posting what I call “timeless content” that will help other and future members in their deconstruction and reconstruction. We can post anything to Facebook, but after a day or so it gets lost, and the search function isn’t all that helpful. So we are free to post anything to Facebook, but I encourage you to post content that has to do with de/reconstruction to the forums as well or instead.

2. Choose where to post it. Is it a story? Post it in meet and greet or stories. Or has it to do with the down side of deconstruction? Post it there. Or has it to do with the up side or reconstructing your new life? Post it there. A book or an online article that will help us? Post it there. If you’re not sure where to post it, there’s always leftovers. Really, in the end, it doesn’t matter because it will all be right there and searchable.

3. If you want, you can share the link of your post in the forums to the Facebook group as well. This way we can be alerted to new content in the forums.

Thanks so much guys for making TLS possible and for making it what it is.