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Be you: It’s your Right and Responsibility

What I have come to realize is one of my most essential driving force is my need to be me. I not only want to be me, I need to be me. Throughout my whole life, in hindsight, I now see that almost every challenge I came up against, every obstacle, and every enemy, was because they were applying pressure to keep me confined and controlled, trying to prevent me from freely discovering and being who I was and what I was about.

I don’t know where I got it. But I have it. Actually, I see it in my parents.

This is what TLS is about. I will be coming out with a statement soon about it. TLS is not primarily a support group for survivors. Even though I am a survivor, and even though I feel we can bring our stories into TLS and share them, confident that we will be heard and not judged, I am not qualified or certified as an abuse counselor or a PTSD expert. Even though many of us have found open ears and hearts and support and even healing from abuse in TLS, that is not our primary purpose.

Actually, the primary purpose of TLS is related to my primary purpose, my essential driving force. I started TLS in 2012 to be a place where I could be me and where you could be you. No matter where you are on the belief spectrum, no matter where you are spiritually, no matter where you are at all… TLS is a protected place where you can be you and where you can become strongly and courageously spiritually independent.

This is how I originally envisioned it and need to return to in earnest:

So… TLS is a place where:

1. You can experiment with discovering and being you.
2. You can become spiritually independent in a supportive environment.
3. You can get enough practice at this to prepare to be authentic in the real world.
4. You can learn to live with a diversity of others with respect and kindness.
5. You can then make the world, one in diversity, a better place.

I think that pretty much describes what TLS is about. You all know, like I know, that the multiple pressures to conform are enormous. To provide a pressure-free space to be a non-conformist and be yourself is rare, precious, and needed. That’s what TLS is about.

Personally, I get a great thrill out of watching people grow into themselves and into their own personal independence and freedom. It’s exhilarating! Just look at where you are now compared to even a few months ago! Or last year! Or two years ago! WOW! I really think you are doing a great job.

I will be me. It’s my right and my responsibility. And you be you! It’s your right and responsibility.

Peace my friends. Peace on your path.