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Happy Easter Morning!

The sun is shining. The ice has broken up in the river and the moving river shines with light. My mug is full of coffee. Lisa is getting the table ready for our Easter dinner. Our boys are still in bed (9am here) and our daughter is still at University in Ottawa. We’ll see her in about a month. I hope you guys are having a good day.

First of all, a bit of housekeeping. Our planned Hangout didn’t work Friday night. Technical difficulties. Those had managed to sign in were joking about how it was the devil foiling our plans. Then some thought maybe it was God preventing a bad thing from happening. Everyone’s lightheartedness and sense of humor, their graciousness, made it easier for me to put the botch behind us. So we’ve rescheduled it for this Monday at 7pm PST.

So for Christians it’s Easter morning. The dream I had of the waterfalls continues to flesh itself out for me. I wrote this the other day on nakedpastor: “The Easter story declares that we live in a new reality. Everything has changed. Behold, it is a new creation! A new reality. A new way of being. It is the true fulfillment now in time of the Emanuel promise… God with us… God no longer ‘up there’ high above separate in the heavens but now among us, with us, in us, through us, as us, the All in all, the through all things reconciling all to the All. There is no longer “us” and “God”, for all is reconciled and all is one.

As I explain in my z-theory, the story of the Incarnation announces the end of God’s inapproachable transcendence. The story of Easter declares that the God of Beyond has died on the cross and through the Holy Spirit now is the human community as the struggle for human equalities and freedoms, the impulse for harmony.”

This is why we can appreciate the vast diversity we witness and experience in the world. It is also why we appreciate the wonderful variety of personalities and opinions and ideas on The Lasting Supper. I just love how, say, people with radically different philosophical positions can engage in civil conversation. I hear a joke coming on: “A ex-pastor, an atheist, and a Buddhist nun walk into The Lasting Supper…” And it has a happy ending!

I want to put out a personal request or challenge or something! I want you guys to tell your friends about The Lasting Supper! What it is providing for people is something so many people need. So please get the word out there to those you know who could use it. I mean, listen to this response to my post:

I’d just like to say, that I didn’t come to TLS cuz it was some slick shit. I came, curious at first, but stayed because I too was feeling disqualified, invalid, illegitimate, even ashamed. I had been called recalcitrant by my pastor/boss in front of my peers. I’ve prayed that tag off myself many times, but it’s stuck deep. Anyways, I love the DIY feel of TLS, I love the vulnerable sharing. I hear my own recalcitrance resonating in this place. Thanks for being real.

Who don’t want that? Huh? Invite some folks! Some of you are. Some are even paying for their friends’ memberships to help get them started.

See you at the Hangout Monday! Have a great day! Remember all the turkeys that sacrificed their lives for us!