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When we change our beliefs and our allegiances, it’s also necessary to change our feelings about our feelings.

I don’t know about you, but I was taught to not only distrust my feelings, but to neglect them, ignore them, repress them, apologize for them, and even punish myself because of them.

Then I learned, kind of like a thorough conspiracy theorist, that religion demands total control over every aspect of our lives, including our feelings. That’s when I decided, many years ago, to take ownership of my feelings, to respect them, honor them, feel them, process them, learn from them, grow from them and with them.

I know it’s a hard lesson to learn. My religion was absolute lord over my entire life. But once I realized that I was free and didn’t have to obey this master, I new it was my responsibility to feel, and to feel honestly and authentically.

The talk about the lack of emotional intelligence today? Religion is partially responsible.

The guilt, fear, and shame I was feeling about my feelings only made sense under my old master. They simply did not make sense anymore not that I was free.

Feel away. That’s what I say.

Short but sweet today.

much love,