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Happy Sunday my friends!

Today’s weekly letter is a simple one. I’m giving you a gift.

It’s a free download of my new eBook I’ve put together, with the help of Eric Lawrence, a member of The Lasting Supper.

It’s the beautiful printed version of “The Five Stages of Deconstruction”.

Please download it and take a look at it.

You may also share it with any family or friends you feel safe sharing this with.

My hope is that it will provide a help and resource to those who are going through the often confusing feelings of deconstruction. It’s all normal. We may have our own particular flavor, but essential we all go through very similar stages in our journeys.

You may download it HERE.

My intention is to get back to what TLS was all about: helping people deconstruct in healthy ways.

This is the point of all the resources on the main site of TLS… the podcasts where I interview other members, the videos where it’s me being a little more personal, the archived forums where other members have contributed incredible content to inform us, the Letters I send out every week, and the community interaction we experience in our private Facebook group.

Enjoy and share!

Much love to all…