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Good morning my friends.

I want to welcome the new members who have joined The Lasting Supper this week. Just to let you know, I send out a kind of “lap-letter” (from my laptop) every Sunday, just to keep in touch on a more personal level. This is that!

I love hearing from our newest members. Just today a new member said, “This is my first opportunity to check out the Lasting Supper community and all I can say is, I may have just found my real church…”

So we’re heading into another storm. I guess here in the Maritimes this winter our storms only work on weekends.

My waterfalls analogy for Reality continues to provoke interesting responses from people. After doing a lot of thinking about it one day, I realized that the three categories: the top of the falls over the rim; the waterfall itself; and the water spreading over the floodplain, can be broken down into three neat theological “postures” that I think are necessary today. Here they are:

1. humility: if we can admit that we haven’t seen what’s over the rim, then that demands a humility about the Unknown;

2. honesty: we all see the manifestation of the Unknown, all from different angles, that requires us being honest about our own insufficiencies as well as our solidarity with all others who observe. We need to be honest about what our religion proposes, as well as other schools of thought, including science.

3. harmony: once we are humble about what we do not know and honest about what we do know, then we can perhaps see the harmony in, and live harmoniously with, all things.

Take a peak around. I know some of you are testing the waters and lurking while you build some confidence to chime in. I totally understand

Tell your family and friends (those you think would fit, that is LOL).

Have a great day my friends!