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I know I misspelled “notice”, but I wanted to combine it with the word “know”. So there!

I got up early this morning… 5am… to be with Lisa before she left for work at the hospital. She’s a nurse in the Oncology unit. She’s my hero.

So I spent the morning like I do most mornings. First thing: put on some clothes. Second thing: put on some music. Third thing: put on some coffee. Fourth thing: put on my artistic and thinking cap and create!

I’ve been thinking about this lapletter for a while. (Oh… some have asked, “Why is it called a lapletter?” Because I type it on my laptop. Haha.) I wanted to encourage you all to claim ownership of your life, as many of you already are.

Religion dictates how you are to be spiritual. It provides you with all the theology, beliefs, rituals, prayers, disciplines, rules, liturgies, etcetera, to achieve its ends and benefits. That’s how I was raised. I know that’s how many of you were raised as well.

I needed to knowtice my own life. Somewhere along the way I began to realize that I preferred to be spiritually independent. I wanted to pay attention to my own needs and wants. I remember the first time I took the personality test (you can take it here, and then the Enneagram Test (you can take that here. It blew my mind. It was like I was acquainted with myself, but now I felt that I was finally formally introduced to myself.

Then I embraced myself. This is me! This is how I am. It was cool to realize that I’m not a weirdo (well, okay, maybe a bit of a weirdo). I finally felt totally validated and valued. In fact, I felt a good measure of healthy pride in who I am. All my so called quirks and weaknesses and oddities and strengths and skills and assets were an essential part of who I am. I not only knowticed myself. Now I embraced myself. What a liberating and exquisite feeling!

From here I could now cultivate myself. Care for myself. When I was taking my second masters in religion at McGill University in Montreal, one of my instructors said to me one day, “You know David, you have a very mystical side that you should pay attention to. it would probably help you if you took time every day to meditate, with candles and incense or whatever. I just want to encourage you to nurture that part of yourself.” It blew my mind that someone would care about me like that. But more importantly, it was a powerful affirmation of my unique spirituality. I didn’t have to follow protocol or expectations or tradition. I could custom fit anything that would nourish myself.

Don’t be dictated to. Determine for yourself what’s best for you.

I included my drawing of Sophia “Wild” because it portrays this theme. Her independence and self-determination is wild and free, as it should be.

Love you guys!