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Having grown up in a Christian home and having spent so many years in the church, including the ministry, I came out of the other end of it with very unhealthy attitudes about money and business. It didn’t help that I left the ministry literally bankrupt… in more ways than one.

Negative and limiting beliefs about money and business saturated my thinking. So when I left the ministry in 2010, I felt a personal challenge to learn about these things.

What a learning curve! Wow!

One of our members, Inga, recommended a book to me, Jerrold Mundis“Earn What You Deserve: How to Stop Underearning and Start Thriving”. It is excellent!

Mundis writes that he had been “strenuously an atheist” for all his adult life.

However, at one point later in his life, he decided he wanted to pray. But his religious upbringing was so “murderous” and his rejection of it so “powerful” that he could not bring himself to pray any prayers from any religion. So he decided to create one he thought he could pray without anger, revulsion, doubt or bitterness. You’ll have to read this whole section to get the fuller story.

Here is the prayer he came up with. I laughed when I read it, and it made me think that I should send it to you guys. Here it is:

“In the unlikely event there is any motivating force in the universe, in the improbability that it is even remotely aware that the species exists, and in the near impossibility that it has in any way contributed to anything that is good in my life– I am appreciative.”

I found it interesting that the core thrust of his prayer is gratitude.

I like that!

Just reply to this letter if you want to respond to me about this.

Have a great day my friends!