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One of the benefits of the z-theory for me is that it made my suspicion that we are all united, that we are all one, a certainty. It helped me to really see that in spite of our individuality and diversity, we are all deeply connected.

Everything everybody experiences is universal. The way we experience it is particular and sometimes tribal.

What this means is that everyone in the world lives in the same world and experiences the same things. The sun shines on all the same. The rain falls on all the same. But how we experience these things and how we understand them and describe them are all different, unique and individual. If we can get others to see things our way, then we develop tribes that normalizes our interpretation of reality.

Quite frequently I’ll get a message from a member of TLS saying something like, “You know, I’m still a believer, and I’m not sure I fit in at The Lasting Supper.” Right on the tail of that I’ll get a message from another member, “You know, I’m an atheist and I’m not sure I fit in at The Lasting Supper.” I always write them back assuring them that they fit in. I’m not just trying to retain members. I really do believe we all fit.

Here’s why:

Because our unity is not based on compatibility of beliefs. It is based on a respect for the journeys of others, even if they are different from ours, because we acknowledge what I wrote above: they are simply understanding and describing the very same thing I experience, only through their own matrix and language. So when one person talks about their love for Jesus and another talks about their rejection of the divinity of Christ and another questions the reliability of the historicity of Jesus, we all respect the other because we understand that we are all doing our own best with what we are experiencing with the personal tools that each of us has at our disposal. I love Lisa even though we don’t believe the same things. What keeps us in communion is that we respect each other’s journeys, trusting that they will discover and know what is best for themselves. It is a kind of love that is without fear.

Each one of us brings our own history, psychology, intellect, emotions, desires, fears, etcetera, to the experience. I deeply respect yours. And I trust you’ll respect mine. That’s been my experience so far.

This is what makes such communities as TLS so remarkable.

Have a great day in the universe!



PS: If you aren’t in our secret Facebook group, please do ask to be invited. It is very safe, very active, and very fun. It’s a fast and easy way to connect with other members of TLS. Let me know.