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Early in the Old Testament the Israelites traveled through the wilderness before they finally settled. They used tents. They worshipped in a tent called a tabernacle. Everything was, necessarily, portable and temporary. Provisional. Uncertain. Disposable.

When they finally settled in the land they built a temple. Gone was uncertainty. Now everything was fixed and permanent, and establishment eliminating all other options.

I encourage spiritual tenting. Not spiritual tempting! I wrote a post earlier this week, “why reconstruct?”, in which I encourage us to resist replacing old beliefs with new ones. I believe when we do this we are only preparing ourselves for the same painful deconstruction in the near future. Remember Anita Moorjani, in Dying to be Me, when she says,

“From my point of view, strongly held ideas actually work against me. Having concrete beliefs limits my life experiences because they keep me locked into only what I know, and my knowledge in this world is limited by my physical senses. Being comfortable with uncertainty, on the other hand, opens me up to all possibilities. Ambiguity is wide open to infinite potential.”

It is a more eastern approach to wisdom and goes against our instinct to stop and build right here. But I think it is very wise. It is a tent approach, not a temple approach.

At least try it for a while. Eventually you will realize that you have a peace that you are in the truth rather than anxiously fretting that the truth is in you. It is a beautiful way to live.

Speaking of tents and temples… I want TLS to be totally portable, mobile, an app that is easy to use anytime anywhere anyhow anyway. TLS has come a long way since I started it almost a year ago as I still owe the designers and tech people for their services, and I want that debt cleared before I move on to TLS-2.

I’m confident because of the fact that we are going strong and growing, and that the sense of community is building, along with our resources and support, that TLS is here to stay. But I’m very anxious to make TLS even better.

My next goal for TLS is to reach 1,000 members. This would cover my salary, the development and maintenance expenses of TLS, as well as provide for travel to hold Lasting Supper meetings in various cities.

SO… let’s go tenting!!

Peace in your place,