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Why I Don’t Want TLS to be Perfect

I have said in the past that TLS is perfect. But I want to explain what I meant by it.

*** Spoiler Alert: Do you remember the end of The Last Samurai? In it, the Samurai Chieftain is looking for the perfect cherry blossom. This is his life endeavor. Near the end of the movie when he lies dying on the battlefield, it is snowing cherry blossoms everywhere. He notices them and says, “Perfect! They’re all perfect!”

That’s what I meant.

However, TLS is also not perfect. But I want to explain what I mean by it.

If, as the founder and lead-facilitator of TLS, I claimed TLS was perfect, then this would mean a few things to others:

1. It would mean that TLS is autocratic and that I expect people to conform to TLS… a group, program, or goal that I had pre-written and expect them to abide by. In my opinion, this isn’t community in what I think is the truest sense, but an organization that people must submit to.

2. It would mean that TLS could not change. In other words, I had created something that people are required to fit into rather than be a living part of a living thing that moves, grows, and matures over time. It suggests that they really have nothing to contribute but only something to get out of it.

3. It would mean that TLS couldn’t admit its faults, weaknesses, and even mistakes in order to actually change and become as good as it can get. This means that it would lack humility, an open mind, and the terrible lack of listening that would prevent it from learning how to do community in healthy ways.

4. It would mean that it couldn’t improve. I believe in evolution… including spiritual and community evolution. I want TLS to be the best prototype for how healthy community works. A microcosm of a beautiful world. That’s a worthy goal. And the only we can do that if we know we can make mistakes, learn from them, and progress.

It’s like Apple releasing the iPhone, Elon Musk the Tesla, and Google new software, or whatever. There are always bugs. It’s because they listen to their clients, receive reports, and quickly maneuver to fix them, that they become the iconic products and services they are today.

TLS is evolving. I’m learning a ton from my mistakes or lack of wisdom and experience. We as a community are learning a lot on how to function as a healthy community.

One of my driving convictions is that we are all one, undivided, not separated but united at a deep and fundamental level. I do not believe this unity, which already exists and therefore doesn’t have to be created, is made manifest not by propositional agreement, ideological conformity, or spiritual duplication, but by personal integrity and dignity, mutual respect, and kindness. In other words, love.

I love you, as well as all those don’t know it or believe it.

We’re doing this together, and I thank you.

Peace and love my friends,