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You don’t always have to do something.

When I left negative beliefs and toxic relationships behind, I realized I was feeling a lot more peaceful. One of the things that religion likes to do is pound it into our heads that we have to change.

You have to change the world.
You have to change other people.
You have to change ourselves.

Now I realize, no I don’t.

I don’t have to change the world.
I don’t have to change other people.
I don’t have to change myself.

I’m not saying that change isn’t good. Sure! Change is good and often necessary. What I’m laying emphasis on is the “have to”. I don’t have to! I’m free to do whatever I want. I’m no longer under the guilty weight of religions expectations on me.

If you feel like you have to change the world or other people or yourself, set time aside for it. Say, one hour a day! You can say to yourself, “I’ve got one hour, from 3 to 4pm, to change the world. Any other time I’m not going to worry about it.” Or, “The last hour in the day, I’m going to focus on changing something about myself. Aside from that I’m not going to worry about it.” About other people? Well, we could say, “I’m going to spend my lunch hour to try to help someone and make a difference in their lives. Aside from that, I’m not going to worry about it.”

But, you know what I’ve discovered in my personal life? When I try to change myself it becomes unbelievably frustrating. Or trying to change the lives of others can become very disappointing. Or to try to change the world can be incredibly discouraging.

What I’ve come to realize is more beautiful and far more peaceful is just noticing these things as they are. Awareness.

Be aware of the world. Notice things. Be curious about it.
Be aware of others. Notice them. Be curious about them.
Be aware of yourself. Notice yourself. Be curious about you.

When you notice things as they are and, if your heart and mind is open, appreciating them as they are and even loving them as they are… here’s the kicker: that’s where the real dynamic change happens.

Scientists in the field of quantum mechanics are discussing this right now… how the observer projects unto the object… how change in the observer affects change in the observed. It’s fascinating because this is what some mystics have talked about for years.

What I admire about you all is your willingness to observe. Honestly. Courageously. You don’t have to do anything amazing (although you are). Just observing affects change.

This changes you.
This changes those around you.
And this changes the world.

So get those religious voices out of your head provoking you to constantly do something and change things. Relax.

Peace my friends,