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I want to talk with you about my friends for a moment. I want to tell you about them.

My friends let me be me. They love me. Me as I am, not as I should be or not how they think I ought to be. They love me just as I am. I am free to be me without fear of censor or censure from them. I don’t always have to be second-guessing around them. I can live unedited. How I love this!

My friends actually care for me without a hidden agenda. They do not carry ulterior motives behind their words and actions. They simply relate to me simply. Openly. Without any shadow. They are simply them. What I see is what I get. There’s no wondering if there’s an iron fist inside their velvet glove.

My friends inspire me to be a better person. Just being around them makes me realize that it is possible to live freely and to encourage others to be free around me as well. They feel things, think things, say things, and do things that amaze me for their openness, generosity, honesty, authenticity, rawness, and loveliness.

Would you like to meet my friends?

Well, I’m talking about you guys at The Lasting Supper. Every day I delight in the amazing capacity of you guys to expand my mind, my heart, and my world. You make me feel more positive and trusting and hopeful.

You also, and this is key, bring a great deal of joy and laughter into my life.

You make me feel!

Remember how most of us came from a church culture that encouraged us to be followers?

I can boldly claim that you guys are incredible leaders! You are anything but followers! You are leading me into a greater revelation of myself, others, the universe, and profound mysteries.

I’m sorry for sounding mushy or cheesy, but I love you.

You make me want to be a better man.

Much love,