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I’m excited because we are launching some awesome improvements to the site TODAY, as well as making it totally compatible for mobile devices! Yay!

How are you guys? I think about you every day and hope you are all well. We had a massive snow storm here, lost our power for several hours, got it back, then lost our internet for a few more. We are just getting ready now to go out for breakfast with some friends.

So this is the third installment of my z-theory letters. I still haven’t come up with a great name to replace the boring and heady “z-theory” yet. I promise that’s in the front of my mind. Any ideas? I had the privilege of explaining it to a friend of mine the other night and she got excited about it. So I feel I’m on to something helpful.

The first part is the top of the waterfalls that we can’t see… the invisible.

The second part is the water coming down… the invisible made visible.

Today I’ll talk briefly about the third, the bottom part… how the water spreads over all the land, covering and consuming everything. It’s the applicable. This is the world and the human race. All that is. This is where we find ourselves. All of us. Together. On the same level. We are, humbly, one.

Some people claim to have seen over the rim, seen the invisible. Some believe them and found religions upon these people. Others believe the testimonies of these people and become their disciples. Others impute to outstanding individuals that they must have seen over the rim. This isn’t to say that nothing is above the rim. This is to say that what is above the rim is invisible and that all we have are testimonies of those who claim to have seen it or claim to have had what is up there revealed to them.

So here we all are on the floodplain. Even though there are a vast variety of religions and sects within these religions and schools of thought and philosophies, I believe we are all the same. We are one. We all see the same thing and experience the same thing. What separates us is our language, our paradigms, our world views, and our adherence to these views. This is all that separates us. Actually, it doesn’t separate us, but we believe it does.

I think you all get this. This is why on The Lasting Supper we can have amazing conversations from a variety of different perspectives while respecting each other, hearing each other, and not trying to convert each other. We are neither offensive or defensive because we understand that we are essentially one, experiencing and seeing the same thing, but from our own angle.

I got a message from one of our members. Here’s a quote:

I like the empathy that people have for one another. It’s been very nice to have people ask how my daughter is doing or my husband when he was sick. They message me etc. It’s nice to know that outside of church, authentic community can happen. I get that it’s online – whatever – losing my church community has been painful… TLS has eased the blow a bit…”

The care and respect you guys show to each other in spite of differences is what I call harmonious living. I love it.

I’m looking forward to the changes today that will make our great site greater. I know you’re going to love them. Please feel free to reply to this email

See you at The Lasting Supper!