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Hi TLSers!

The other day one of our members asked about longer term memberships. In fact, they asked for a life-time membership.

To be honest, it was a new idea. It caught me off guard. But after thinking about it, talking about it, and researching it, I thought, heck, why not?!

Why are we talking about renewing memberships? Read all about it HERE.

There are a couple of reasons why this makes sense for existing members:

  1. There are many members who feel they’ve finally found their tribe, their friends, their home. They feel so sure they’re here to stay that they want to commit to it financially and communally. Plus, they’re saving money!
  1. Quite a few members love assisting with the development and financial burdens of TLS. They give donations and provide scholarships for other struggling members. So renewing their membership for a longer term helps with the development of The Lasting Supper’s main site because it provides a sudden influx of cash.

This second point is particularly important right now. If TLS gets a cash boost through the next 4-6 months, that will really help us reach financial stability. That means a lot less stress for me. So a personal thank-you in advance for considering this.

There is one important note: All long-term memberships are not refundable. If you leave TLS before the end of your membership term, you will not get any money back. So be really sure you are comfortable with this donation, or you are sure you’re with us for the long haul. At the same time, for those of you who have found a home, long-term membership could be just right.

So, we’re providing a two year plan, a five year plan, a ten year plan, and a life-time plan. If you have an idea for yet another plan, let me know and I can arrange it!

You can check them all out HERE.

Thanks for all you are and all you do!