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I had a weird experience with an art gallery last month, and I want to tell you about it.

So… I used to show my art locally. But when the gallery owner I showed at retired, I removed my work because of the new owner. Since then I’ve sold my art online.

But I’ve been thinking about selling locally again. I approached a gallery.

I showed her my work and pointed out that she had nothing like my work in her gallery, including no watercolors at all.

I persuaded her to consider showing my work. She started giving off this vibe that it was my lucky day, that she was doing me a favor by showing my work, and that I should be honored that she would even consider it.

I politely ended the conversation and left, remembering why I’ve always had a hard time finding a good art gallery that doesn’t use its artists in unhealthy ways.

If you think this is an unusual story, just do a little research and you will see that this is a very serious problem… the same with any talent with their managers, publishers, labels, galleries, reps, etcetera.

To be crude: that art gallery would be nothing without the artists, but the artists would still be something without the gallery.

I see this same problem with the church: “You’re lucky you attend this church!” as if the church is the center of attention rather than the beautiful people that adorn it.

Rant over.