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I remember the first time I said this to myself. I had left the ministry (again) in 2003. After a couple of years I decided to try to plant another church. I gave it a few months, realized I hated it, but refused to feel trapped. So I said it.

Another time was when I couldn’t decide what to do, felt a little panicked, but then realized that I didn’t have to rush into anything. So I said it again.

Just yesterday I talked with a young woman in Brazil who’s struggling with leaving the church. She’s young, still lives with her parents, and her whole network of support attends the same church.

She thinks she knows what she wants. But at the same time she’s aware of the risks and incredible costs.

She feels ashamed that she can’t be more brave and take the necessary steps for her freedom.

I told her not to worry about it. No need to rush. Caution isn’t always weakness. It is often wisdom.

No one has a gun to your head.

I wonder where this urgency comes from in us. I wonder if it’s sometimes the need to be righteous right now! Now is the hour! Do not delay! Do not be lukewarm! The hour of decision is upon us!

I know it was for me.

But the gradual lesson I learned was that even if one still believes in God, grace means time.

Grace means time!

No one has a gun to my head.
No one has one to yours.

Take your own sweet time.