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This Sunday morning, around 8am, as I was making Lisa and I a pour-over coffee with lovely free-trade French roast, I felt overwhelmed with a very simple peace and joy.

Very, very simple.

I turned to Lisa and said, “Honey, how can this be any better? Here we are listening to lovely music (Bon Iver at that moment), sitting in front of the fire, overlooking the beautiful river, Sophie (our Westie) asleep in your lap, the room filling with the aroma of good coffee, and the two of us together in love! How can it get any better?”

Very, very simple.

To many, this would be mundane.

But I remember other Sunday mornings in my past. Then, we talked about peace and joy but never really experienced it.

We never really experienced it because we were supposed to hope for it instead.

It’s easier to keep us revved up on perpetually unfulfilled hope rather than the mundane fulfillment of it.

In fact, it is in these very simple, mundane spaces where true peace and joy can actually be felt.

Very, very simple.

Much love my friends,