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The further away you are from the magnetic field, the less pull it has on you.

This is what’s happening to me now. And it’s noticeable. To me. To others.

I remember one story that was frequently told to me about Moody, the famous preacher. The story goes something like this: he was talking with a man who had stopped going to church and was defending himself, saying that spiritually he was just as good as ever. While he was talking, Moody pulled a coal out of the fire and set it on the hearth. After a while the man asked Moody why he did that. Moody replied that just he was just like that ember. It was glowing hot while in the fire with other embers, but now by itself it had cooled and turned black. Apparently that convinced the man to go back to church.

That story always convicted me. In fact, as a pastor, I used it against members who stopped coming to church.

But, that’s just one way to look at it.

The longer I’m away from church and its culture, the less influence it has on me. The vibe is certainly starting to wear off. I feel less and less affected by the church.

I don’t mean this in a judgmental way. I’m not anti-religion, anti-Christian, or anti-church. Not at all. I fully respect and protect the individual right of people to believe what they choose, and the right and privilege to gather together before their God as they see fit.

But the distance between me and the church now is to a point where I truly feel I have the most objective view I’ve ever had concerning it. I won’t say impartial because I was so heavily invested in it. But there is true peace now with the separation that occurred. I’m over it.

Do any of you identify? Or want to?

What does this mean for me personally? I’m not sure. I care about the personal spiritual evolution of people and how that relates to their religious allegiances, their beliefs, and their church. I care about people and pastors who are leaving the church or struggling to stay. I want to continue helping them do it with courage and joy.

I believe in spiritual independence. I enjoy it. I want others to too.

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I love you guys!