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Hello my TLS family!

I read this earlier today from the book I mentioned in our Facebook group (if you’re not in the group let me know and we’ll get you in there!), “The Courage to be Disliked”:

“… in Adlerian psychology, self-reliance as an individual and cooperation within society are put forth as overarching objectives.”

It reminded me of the similar objectives of TLS:

To help people become spiritually independent.

To create and provide authentic community.

I’m very proud of TLS and its members. You! We’re doing a great job personally and communally.

I also mentioned in the Facebook group that this is the time of year when an influx of funds would help. There’s a lot of work, maintenance, security, and development that goes into TLS, and that requires money.


If you’ve been given a reprieve and can now resume payments, or if you’ve never paid and would like to start, please contact me (respond to this email or message me on Facebook).

If you want to donate, please go to the link below and I’ll be forever grateful!

Thanks, with love,