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Some Advice for Being with Family Over Christmas

1. Be confident in your position, even if you’re confused about it. It’s okay.

2. Don’t go where you don’t want to go. Figure out ways of saying, “I don’t want to talk about that.”

3. You don’t have to reveal everything about yourself. Guard your privacy. You have a right to secrets.

4. If they start talking about something you don’t want to engage in, just don’t say anything.

5. If you’re criticized or judged, even implicitly, choose which ones to respond to and which to ignore.

6. If you do respond, you can start what you say with, “In my opinion” or “In my experience”.

7. If it gets too intense, it’s okay to say you’re going to lie down or go for a walk or shopping.

8. It’s okay to get angry and express it without apology.

9. If you really feel like you must come out in whatever way, do it grandly and with style!

10. Drink.