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I came across this photo of myself when I was 10 years old.

A wave of emotions swept through me.

Immediately, I started speaking to him very lovingly.

I told him everything he was going to experience.

Nothing was excluded.

I shared with him the pains, the abuses, the struggles, the confusions, the hardships… all the really bad things he was going to see and experience.

But I comforted him that he even though they were going to influence and even shape his life, that he would survive them all and be able to look back with mercy and even compassion.

Then I told him of all the wonderful things he was going to experience… everything from falling in love with the most amazing and beautiful woman and that we would raise a wonderful family… the achievements, the churches and music and arts he would experience… and the incredible landscape of his spiritual life.

Finally I told him who I am. That I’m happy. In love. Doing the work of my dreams. Helping people around the world. Making my living through art and spiritual teaching and community. That I couldn’t really imagine my life getting any better… that everything he was going to experience… the bad and the good… would all compound into a wonderful life.

When I was finished my heart felt bigger. I loved myself even more. And therefore others.

Try it with yourself.