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I’m in my sixties and I’m still growing.

I don’t ever want to stop.

My latest challenge?

One of the things that has lied dormant since I left the ministry and the church 10 years ago is making music.

I wrote and sang my own songs, and led worship.

My beautiful Taylor guitar has rested in its case since I left.

But now I’m wanting to revive that part of me. I listen to music all the time. But I don’t make it any more. And I want to.

So I’ve opened a SoundCloud account. I have some songs I wrote, sang, and recorded that I could upload to it. They are songs from my deconstruction days. Edgy kind of prayers.

I’m struggling with uploading them because they arose from a churched phase of my life. I was in ministry. These were honest expressions of where I was at at the time.

My daughter Casile said if singer-songwriters didn’t sing of past relationships and breakups they wouldn’t have much to sing about. True.

Another said I shouldn’t worry about confusing your followers. They’re already confused! Also true.

Should I post them? Should I share them?

I’m being stretched. Stretched to be even more authentic, honest, and vulnerable out there.

Dare I?

How will you dare to keep growing?